Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Environmentally responsible dry cleaning solutions

Traditional dry cleaning practices use harsh chemicals and solvents. When clothing is cleaned using these solvents, the garments absorb some of the solvent. This gives your clothing a harsh smell and puts you at risk. Since the main solvent in dry cleaning, perchloroethylene or “perc”, is a known carcinogen toxic to humans and animals.

We are convinced that there is a better way to care for your clothing while being environmentally responsible. That is why we only partner with dry cleaners that use eco-friendly dry cleaning practices.

Wet Cleaning

Our dry cleaning partners use a solvent-free cleaning solution know as wet cleaning. It is a gentle washing technique that uses biodegradable soaps and conditioners. It is much safer than traditional dry cleaning methods and can clean all types of clothing.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers wet cleaning to be the safest professional method of garment cleaning. It does not use any toxic solvents and does not create hazardous waste.

Using eco-friendly dry cleaning practices is important to us. That is why we are committed to only working with cleaners that do not use solvents for cleaning. Solvent-free cleaning involves gently cleaning garments with water, soaps, and protective surfactants. This leaves your clothing fresh, soft, and vibrant.