Linens and Bedding Care

Our dry cleaning partner uses top-notch procedures to keep your linens looking their best. The best way to preserve the beauty of your fine linens and bedding is with careful and considerate cleaning. The life of your linens is prolonged with the use of cleaning special techniques.

We appreciate that your fine bed linens, table linens, and other fine household items deserve care equal to that of your couture garments. All linens are treated gently while also getting a thorough cleaning. Our partner’s technicians remove stains, preserve colours and texture, and maintain the appearance of your fine fabrics. They use the latest techniques, special soaps, and finishing equipment designed for large linens.

Special attention is given to lace, embroidery, scalloped edges, and other delicate details. The texture and softness of these fabrics is maintained. All of your linens will retain their original beauty and texture.

Treat yourself to a “5 Star Hotel” feeling every night. Your bed linens will feel so exquisite ― you won’t want to get out of bed.

Drapes and Curtains

Quality curtains and drapes will last a lifetime with the best care. Our drapery service can remove dust buildup, allergens, stains, and smoke residue from your window treatments. Protect your investment. Have your custom curtains professionally cleaned every two to three years.

Carpets and Rugs

High quality and heirloom rugs are valuable pieces of art. They should be treated with great care. Our partner offers expert care and cleaning for all kinds of rugs – from oriental rugs to Persian silk rugs. Providing the proper care for your carpet or rug will prolong its life and preserve its beauty.