Suede and Leather Cleaning

Suede and leather items and garments require specialized care to retain their original finish, feel and colour. Our dry cleaning partners work with suede and leather cleaning experts who use gentle procedures to nurture each garment. All garments receive a special inspection prior to processing.

There are a number of ways to clean suede and leather so we would appreciate it if you could inform us of any stains. This would greatly help us to decide the proper method to care for your garments.


Colour variations

A majority of leather and suede materials that have been processed or refinished may vary in finish and colour. This can be attributed to one or more of the reasons noted below:

1. Dye

Penetration of dye can vary. Some dyes penetrate the skins, colouring them uniformly. Other dyes only colour the surface of the skins.

In a few cases, the process used, may result in dye loss during the cleaning process. It is difficult to restore skins dyed with solvent soluble dyes to their original colour.

2. Fading and oxidation

Certain colours fade and oxidize during normal wear. The following colours are almost impossible to restore to their original brightness: blues, greens, aquas, and salmon-pinks.

However, depending on the amount of fading, the colour loss can be masked by re-tinting. The original colour may not be completely restored.

3. Smooth leather

Finished skins: Finished skins have a sprayed-on leather finish, which is sometimes lost during the cleaning process. The garments must be refinished to cover fading, stains, etc. Because of the number of colours available and the variations between them, there could be a slight difference from the original colour.

Unfinished or naked skins: Unfinished or naked skins are those in which the dyes penetrate the skins, there are no surface finishes applied. These skins must be re-dyed after the cleaning process to restore faded colours, cover stains, etc. In these cases, a surface dye is generally applied which may change the feel and appearance of the leather as well as add stiffness.