At Luxe Garment Care, we understand the subtle nuances of a fine business suit wardrobe . Our partners keep all the special details in mind as they work. Rest assured that no detail will be missed; hand-finished rolled edges, rolled lapels, no pocket or seam impressions. It will remain as crisp as when you first received your suit.

Our partner’s garment experts will inspect everything and give special attention when and where it is needed. Loose and missing buttons, hooks, eyes, and threads, to falling hems and shoulder pads are routinely inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary. All minor repairs are noted and tended to without any action on your part.

Suit Cleaning Tips

A number of people take their suits to the dry cleaner more than is necessary. Below are a few tips to keep your suit fresh between cleanings.

The basics of suit care

Pants, blazers, and skirts will only need a professional cleaning every four to five wears. If you aren’t able to spot clean a stain, then you should have your cleaner take care of it before the stain sets. When you do have your suit cleaned, send all pieces together so that they wear at the same rate.

Invest in a garment steamer

Use a steamer to give your suit a pressed appearance between dry cleaning visits.  It is a great way to freshen the suit fibers. It’s also a great way to remove wrinkles. Do not iron if the suit really needs to be cleaned. That will set in stains or any body oils that may be on the fabric.

Clean blouses and shirts more often

Send clothing like blouses or shirts to the dry cleaner more often. These items are closer to the body and absorb oils and perspiration more quickly. Cleaning them frequently will ensure that they last longer.

Air out your suit between cleanings

Between cleanings, allow your suit to air out on a sturdy hanger after each wearing to let the fabric recover and lose wrinkles. Empty pockets and remove belts or other accessories to avoid creasing or stretching.