Bridal Services

Cleaning & Preservation

You have spent countless hours searching for your dream gown. It deserves to have its own happily-ever-after. Maybe you want to pass it on to your daughter or maybe because of the way it still makes you feel, preserving your dress is the best way to keep it looking as it did on your wedding day.

Wedding Gown Restoration

Preserving the memories from your special day is simple. Wedding gowns can be easily cleaned and preserved. 

Trust your wedding dress with the best. Monson Deluxe Cleaners uses gentle, environmentally friendly dry cleaning solutions to effectively cleanse even the most intricately designed bridal wear. All gowns are meticulously inspected multiple times throughout the process. Any minor damage, small tears or lost beads will be restored.

Wedding gowns are more than just dresses; they are heirlooms for future generations. Therefore, they deserve to be carefully cleaned and stored within a museum-quality archival box.

This treatment is perfect for any garments that you wish to preserve including your treasured couture clothing and designer labels.

What is Gown Preservation?

Gown preservation is a special cleaning technique that is used to ensure that a wedding gown retains its original look. The most important part of the preservation process is cleaning the gown. Once the gown has been cleaned, it is packed with acid-free tissue paper and placed inside a museum-quality archival box (without a window).

Be sure to have your dress preserved while the stains are still fresh so that they can be easily removed during the cleaning process.