Dry Cleaning Delivery

It is our mission to make the entire dry cleaning process easier for you by providing a dry cleaning pickup and delivery service that fits into your schedule. We won’t force you to choose from predetermined pickup or delivery times. You are free to choose a time that works best for you even if that happens to be 7:00 am.

We pick up your clothing directly from your doorstep. Free of charge. Your clothes are taken to our dry cleaning partner, who has state of the art solvent-free dry cleaning facility. Once your clothing is clean, we will deliver it back to your door on your designated delivery day.

How convenient is that? So whether you’d like us to pick up your garments from your home or office, we will always do so at the most convenient time for you. 


Create your account using our intuitive, easy-to-understand website application. Then schedule a pickup for your dry cleaning from your home or office.


We drop by to pick up your items at the chosen time, then sort and inspect everything. You receive an invoice that you can pay online.


We clean your garments using a chemical free process that leaves them feeling softer and smelling fresh. Within two days, we will deliver to your door.

A Stress-Free Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Feel reassured in the knowledge that you now have more time to spend on other, more enjoyable activities. Forget about the hassle and stress of dropping off your dry cleaning on time. You no longer have to drive around looking for a parking space, carry heavy laundry bags or stand in line to pick up your clothing. With a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse, you’ll be able to schedule a convenient time for your clothing to be picked up, cleaned and returned to you with zero stress.

With the Luxe Garment Care dry cleaning delivery service, it’s so simple. You can finally relax.